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~ essential practices for turbulent times ~


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Imagine being able to sleep better at night


Imagine being able to feel neutral and calm when the kids act up


Imagine being able to reduce chronic pain or inflammation


Imagine the feeling of being strong and powerful - yet light on your feet


Imagine feeling calm and confident before a presentation or speech; nervous, sure, but in control.....


Imagine a morning routine that keeps you sharper for longer

or having small breath tricks in your toolbox to pep you up on the graveyard shift 

or the sweet release as you unwind from your work-day..



  • If you are tired of feeling tired and over-stretched, and are unsure how to begin a regular yoga practice


  • If you wonder if it is too late to begin, or if you are not flexible enough 


  • If you are getting aches and pains, or you struggle to sleep


You definitely need a powerful, ‘fast-acting' practice


So here's opportunity to make the changes you need


There is nothing more worthwhile than self-care




Because we cannot serve from an empty vessel.

Because life is crazy, chaotic and rife with challenge from moment to moment.



  • Kundalini Yoga is an extraordinary practice, reserved in past times only for the most dedicated of yogis and now open to all. 


  • Kundalini gives you a powerful experience from the very first practice and works directly and powerfully through breath, posture, movement and guided meditation.


  • It targets the hormonal flows and the nervous system to help regulate emotion and ‘state’, and builds strong capacity in the body without over stretching or forcing.


Recent studies have proven the powerful efficacy of yoga, and doctors are increasingly accepting the extraordinary results they are seeing from patients who adopt elements of a yogic lifestyle.


For those of us who need powerful techniques that are suitable for ALL bodies and ALL levels of fitness, Kundalini is the yoga to practise.


I teach 2 weekly classes, Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Flow - which I have moved online as of 25 March 2020 via Zoom (easy conference calling!). Please feel free drop in virtually and get a taste of the magic.

I offer one-to-one private yoga sessions at your place or mine, or online. 

Yoga can and will support your body, mind and soul and help you to "re-boot", so you can navigate your busy life with ease and grace.


These are interesting times to live in; get resourced and feel INVINCIBLE.

But Why Choose Yoga?

Well, just listen to the experts:


Yoga & meditation loosen the connections of neural pathways connected to anxiety

Yoga & meditation lower your body's production of the stress hormone cortisol

Yoga & meditation lower blood pressure and cholesterol & enable the body to utilise oxygen more efficiently

Yoga & meditation increase your body's production of the hormone DHEA (DHEA balances the effects of the stress hormone cortisol so is extremely important for your recovery from stress)



has now moved her classes online due to Covid-19!



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