Personal Yoga Coaching

from Yogionline

Feeling out of shape, out of practice and unfit?


Does something need to shift?


Are you ready to bring in some changes; a strengthening yoga practice for self-care and improved performance?


Do you worry about not keeping up in class? Can you even make class?


These are all the reasons people come to me for 1-1 bespoke, online lessons. So - 



  • If you’d like to begin a regular practice but don’t know what to choose from all the stuff out there 

  • If you have a busy and often hectic schedule with barely time to eat let alone do yoga

  • If you need simple solutions and bespoke yoga sets without ads or rubbish music

  • If you struggle to work around a studio schedule and just need something straightforward and easy - from the comfort of your own home -


then Personal Yoga Coaching from Yogionline is just what you need!


Personal Yoga Coaching offers a bespoke & tailored yoga service for people looking to transform their life, relationships and work; 

to level-up your life and create the transformations you wish to see in your life.

We will create you a unique and powerful yoga practice for personal or professional transformation, tailored to your needs, your schedule and your requirements. 

This is the solution for all circumstances - what do you want to work on? 

Flexibility, menopause symptoms, core strength or courage? Exam preparation, heartbreak or to boost immunity?


You name it there’s a yogic technology for it, gleaned from a pool of 8500+ carefully curated exercise sets and meditations that Yogi Bhajan shared over the years with his devoted students. 

And these high-level practices, once considered so powerful they were kept secret, are now available to all at the touch of a button.

No need for expensive gym memberships you never stick to, or to traipse across town to attend class in the dark. No need for fancy yoga clothes or embarrassing group classes. No need to deal with anything except your laptop, phone or tablet and to show up on your mat.

Your practice (delivered live, online) is delivered direct to your front room/hotel room/bedroom. 

All you need to do is book (hot the button below!), pay and fill in a detailed questionnaire - and then we practice. 

I'll record the lesson via Zoom so you can return to it again and again!

Just hit the button now and witness the transformations unfurl.

Awaken and be transformed.


Because transformation is priceless, all it requires is your participation.



has now moved her classes online due to Covid-19!



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