Weekly Kundalini Yoga® Classes in Totnes

Kundalini Yoga Open Level: Wednesday 6.30 - 8:00 PM 

Suitable for *all* levels of yoga experience, poses are modified for all abilities and the meditation is powerful and uplifting.


Kundalini Flow Yoga Fitness:

Friday 10:15 - 11:30 AM 

An active, free flowing focus on Kundalini breathwork and kriya - with an improvised twist - and a LUSH playlist to energise and make you feel HAPPY! I call it - metaphysical fitness, working ALL the bodies!


£8-10 sliding scale ~ drop-in


At Birdwood House, 44 High Street, Totnes TQ9 5SG ~ right next to the Market Square.

Bring a yoga mat and layers or a blanket for the rest period. A meditation cushion or zafu is recommended. I do have some spare mats and cushions.

These classes will support your body, mind and soul and help you re-boot, so you can navigate your busy life with strength, ease and grace.  

I am fully accredited and insured and DBS cleared.

About These Classes

Kundalini Yoga is a journey of self-discovery through breathwork, movement, sound and meditation. It ranges from gentle to vigorous in each session, through a series of exercises and poses. You take it entirely at your own pace, and at your own level in the moment - and the whole class can be practised in a chair.


Kundalini is focused on how you feel, not what you like which is why we usually keep our eyes closed and our gaze within. There are no hands-on adjustments, as we believe this can interrupt the inner flow. Instruction is verbal and visual.


In Kundalini we seek our personal zero, our shuniya. This modality is for the Seeker - someone who wants more than exercise - to feel transformed and connected after every session.

Kundalini Flow incorporates all the magic of Kundalini Yoga with an added element of a cardio/areobic workout - think HIIT and yoga combined. 


Shifts happen! 

All my classes are enjoyed to a backdrop of really good, elevating and yes, sometimes jumpin' music! 

Namaste to that!





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